Letter writing campaign

Letter Writing Campaign

We want the Court of Governors at the University of Westminster to know how worried and unhappy we are about the way the institution is being run. We hope that if as many of us as possible write to every single Governor they will have to take notice.  Here are some suggestions about letter writing campaigns, a list of the work addresses of the members of the Court of Governors and an example letter.

It’s best to personalise the letter which needn’t take long:
amend the first paragraph;
change the font and margins;
you could replace example problem in the 4th paragraph with an alternative;
you could shorten the letter, but it probably should not be longer;
or, change it altogether.
Don’t be abusive or threatening – don’t give any excuse for your letter to be ignored!

If you want to include any other information, then you could look at the UCU blog (http://westminsterucu.wordpress.com/) which has various articles about the alleged deficit, et cetera.

You should write from your home address, then at the end use your title (if appropriate) and your post –e.g.
Dr Erica Bloggs
Principal Lecturer in Astronomy
University of Westminster

Send an individual letter to every Governor, and keep one copy for yourself.

Use your own paper, envelopes and stamps, not the University’s.

If the contact details give email and postal address – a posted letter is likely to have more effect than just an email.

Below are links – or click on the tabs above.

Here is list of the public domain work addresses of the Court of Governors. If you have any more up to date information add a comment. CoG contact details

Here is the letter  I_am_writing_to_you_V2

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